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According to statistic from eposnow, an online business never closes, and businesses with websites grow between 15-50% more relative to similar enterprises that aren’t online

  • 75% of people believe that their first impression of any business comes from its website
  • 91% of customers have visited a store after interacting with a online website
  • 86% of consumers rely on the internet to find local business

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  • 30 days website completion guaranteed
  • One-on-one consultation to create a website that suits your business identity
  • Double your sales instantly after the implementation of website according to our past customer reviews
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    Own a website now that served as your 24/7 sales person which convert sales for you as your sleep time

    Like It or Not, Your Website is Your 24 Hours a Day Sales Rep

    • 01 24 Hour Sales Rep

      A website can be referred to as a 24-hour sales representative because it remains accessible and functional around the clock, providing information about your business, products, and services to potential customers at any time of the day or night.

    • Your website plays a critical role and goes far beyond a simple online business card. Your website represents YOUR COMPANY. When conducting eCommerce workshops, I like to use the example, “your website should allow the viewer to make a buying decision on Saturday night at midnight” (or 3:30 AM for those still able to stay up that late). Make it a top priority to provide all the necessary information so that a potential customer doesn’t have to wait until you open on Monday morning. Just remember, you have ONE chance to make an outstanding 1st impression. In other words, you have one chance to make that great first Webpression!

    • A website that cannot be found is the same as the sales rep who never makes a sales call. They are hanging at the park feeding pigeons (or some other interesting activity that fails to produce a sale). What is the first thing that you do when looking for a new product or service? Most likely, you rely on your good friend Google. Well, your potential new customers rely on Google as well. Hence, you should build a website which is searchable and closing sales for you


    Components and tools used in your website

    These are just a estimation because there might be a few precents of margin error in the statistics provided below

    HTML 100%
    CSS 90%
    JavaScript 75%
    Photoshop 55%


    We ensure the best quality of website and fastest loading speed to maximize your customer retention and conversion rate.


    Having a smooth website is important because according to statistic a user will leave youe website if it takes more than two seconds to load


    A well-layout website is important to make sure customer engage with your content and buy your products or services

    Speed processing

    If your website allows online purchase, it is important to make sure the process is fast and efficient to make sure your buyer pays and prevent lost of sales


    A stable website is crucially important to prevent lost of sales when your website is under maintenance or breakdown

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    Below are some of the business owners we have help them in improving their current website and also bringing their business online. It is the best and happiest moment when we can help you to double your sales in a short amount of time and bring your business to the next levels

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    Our only mission if to build a website and double your sales in 30 days.

    Neoh E-Kin

    Founder of CodeWave Company

    "It is always my pleasure to help business owner to make more money and increase their sales, it bring satisfaction and happiness to me by seeing them and their business grow"


    Below are the different pricing and plans for each packages, feel free to enquire us if you not sure which plan to choose on. WhatsApp us now!

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    RM0complete in 1 monthLimited to first 10 customers only!

    • Choose from any templates we provided
    • User-friendly and simple website which help to close sales for you
    • Only limited to business owner with physical premises
    • Website hosting service
    • Online marketing to bring exposure to your website now
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    Developer Plan

    RM3888complete in 1 month

    • Choose from any templates we provided
    • User-friendly and simple website which help to close sales for you
    • Open to all kinds of business owner
    • Website hosting service
    • Online marketing to bring exposure to your website now
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